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What is Good Karma?

Some people argue that it is the law of cause and effect. Karma is a behavior, whether physical or emotional, which results in an outcome. Some say Karma is what’s going to happen to you in the next life, depending on what you’re doing in this life.

And still others, coming from a Christian background, can interpret Karma as ‘what goes around, comes around.’
Or ‘you catch what you sow.’ Or ‘there is an equal and opposite response to any action.’ And there are several more meanings.

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to act.’ The rule of karma tells us that all our emotions, words and acts initiate a sequence of cause and effect, and that we can personally feel the consequences of all. We do not feel the effect right now, even even in this lifetime. Karma can be categorized into three forms of manifestation:

Sanchita (cumulative karma in all our previous lives); Prarabdha (karma that we have witnessed in our lifetime); and Kriyamana or Agami (karma that we are currently creating by our actions).

Impact of Grahas on the 10th house

  • Whether the Sun or Mars were to inhabit the 10th house, the native involved would be a great and mighty person and would be cherished by the people.
  • If the lord of the tenth house were still to be well-placed, he would be able to carry out great undertakings requiring considerable bravery and heroism.
  • He may do any advantageous actions commended by the positive if the 10th house is filled by the benefics.
  • But if Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu were to be put in the tenth house, the outcome would be that the person involved would perform immoral and evil deeds.
  • Sun and Mars enter Dikbala in 10H, suggesting that they will have resources for non-stop operation. Indigenous people with Sun or Mars in 10H have the potential to bring continuous effort into an endeavor, leading them to prosperity and glory.
  • The intensity of the 10H is equally significant as it shows whether the native is capable of achieving success in life alone, or whether he will need help from others, or whether he will need to serve others to attain the goals of life.
  • If a person is engaged in lawful or sinful actions may be decided by the effect of Grahas on the 10H. Placement here is often a greater and primary factor relative to aspects. However, the evaluation of good or evil behavior is not as easy as that and requires the assessment of the Lagna and the 9H of the dharma. A individual with a good Lagna (ideals) and dharma (9H), a right mental structure (5H),And decent potential (3H) will not be interested in bad deeds merely because malefics are put in the 10H.
  • Performance in both karma and honor comes from the 10H, hence its affiliation with different planets, bhava lords and location in signs etc. must be considered for a correct and full appraisal of the 10H.
  • In summary, the power of 10H provides a very strong guidance to what the native will do in life individually. Poor 10H allows the native to wander without intent and to be interested in the service of others.

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