Vastu For Office

Vastu For Office

The “Vastu For Office” According to that your office should be in the North, North-East or North-West facing direction. North, North-East or North-West directions are acknowledged to bring good destiny and positivity for company.

North direction place is known to be the site of Kuber (the lord of wealth), accordingly, it benefits you in industry terms as great.

After the North direction, East is also known to be an appropriate office direction. and if it is a service industry related office, then the East direction is the perfect one to select. East is a sunrise way and it gives great extension to the work.

According to business Vastu, the entry door of an office structure or flat should face towards the North or East direction place.

However, make certain to don’t put any barrier close to the entry doorway since this might block your company. Additionally, the entry door must not open inside walls as it could block the potential energy.

12+ Best Vastu For Office Tips You Must Apply

  • Reception area

Your Reception will be the first impression on your office visitors and office staff or any random people will be there your reception plays a major role in that because it will show the positive vibes and Calm Nature.

The reception should be constructed in the East or Northeast direction place. Also, your reception area should have a great seating area with a comfortable place.

The receptionist must sit facing towards East Or North Place & Your Company portfolio should be placed on the south wall direction. 

The receptionist table should be aligned diagonally to the door of the entrance. You can also keep playing a mediation sound it will create a good impact on outside visitors and also it will create positive energy and a great aura towards company employees. So this is the some “Vastu Office Tips” which you can apply in your company.

  • Staircase

If you’re constructing a staircase in your office then as per Vastu shastra your staircase direction should be placed at South or South-West, While Constructing make sure do not to create an office staircase in the center because it might lead to financial losses of the company.

The color of the staircase must be painted in light colors and you should avoid dark shade colors like black and red because it will create bad energy as per Vastu shastra.

  • Colors or Shade for office 

As per Vastu shastra, your office or commercial office should have interior decor and colors in bright and vibrant. Bright colors are known to spread positivity in your office and it will create an aura of good vibes in your company.

As per Vastu shastra, the interior of the office should be blue, grey, and white. It is known as joy-full colors and it will create an aura of positivity in your company. 

  • Pantry

According to Vastu shastra for office, a pantry should be constructed towards South-East direction because it is known as the perfect direction and the interior of the plates colors never painted as dark colors will impact your company’s financial losses.

  • Seating Form

The seating order in the office must be prepared according to Vastu for office.

Vastu For Office

If your planning to build your office in Mumbai then you consult the best Vastu shastra in Mumbai “spiritual powerr” they will guide you to build your office as per Vastu shastra.

  • Owner seating arrangement

The owner of the seating Form should be facing towards East Or North direction. West direction also you considered fine, but make sure it should not be facing South Direction place.

The temple of the idol or God must not be placed at the backside of the owner as in commercial Vastu it will not be considered fine respectfully as per Vastu shastra.

  • Manager seating arrangement

For the company directors, manager, and company executives there seating arrangement form should towards in the South or West zone as per Vastu for office. Vastu for office boss cabin should be in right direction.

  • Employees seating arrangement form

The Employee seating arrangement form should be facing towards North or East while working in the office. While working towards the given direction will boost employees’ productivity and their focus. 

As per Vastu shastra for office hence the office employees never sit under direct light beam because of that there productivity will stop and it will might create a negative impact on company growth.

  • Conference room 

Company Office Conference room and the chairs should be formed in the South-West direction because it will impact your business growth and most of your meeting deal will be closed. The south-West direction will create positive energy and it will turn into a joyful environment.

  • Aquarium

The Conference room should have a bright and low light and the conference room colors should be light and vibrant colors it will display as productivity and positive vibes aura room. So whenever you construct your Conference room it should according to “Vastu for office”.

In your company, you should keep the fish aquarium because as per the Vastu shastra office it will bring the financial increase in your company, and also it will create a calm atmosphere.

The aquarium of fish should be kept in South-East direction place or North-East direction your aquarium can become the harmony and success of your company.

  • The “Money” Plant 

according to as per Vastu shastra your money plant should be placed in the North direction because this direction belongs to Kuber. Hence if you placing the money plant in the blue bottle then it can attract wealth and prosperity.

The "Money" Plant

Never keep money plant in the west and south-west direction because it can bring in your company instability and it can affect the final crises of your employees. 

  • Electrical Equipment 

Vastu shastra recommends South-East direction place for Electrical Equipment your all Electrical Equipment should be facing South-East direction place.

  • Washroom

An office should be constructed towards the West or North-West direction place only. Your Office washroom not should be constructed towards North-East, South-East, or East direction places.

A washroom is frequently linked with negative or bad energy so always make sure you construct your office as per “Vastu for office”

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