Vastu For Office. All You Need To Know

Vastu For Office. All You Need To Know!

Vastu For Office

Vastu for office
Vastu for office

Here we present a brief analysis of a harmonious Vastu for the office and workplace that can help instability and increase the well-being of people – in the old days there were fewer traders and business classes than today. Vastu for the office is not just something that is said in today’s scenario, it has gained tremendous importance in the arrangement of office space. It is believed that Vastu can play a role in everything you do in the office, from maintaining cash flow to business stability. But many CEOs and senior managers are overlooking an important aspect that greatly contributes to the achievement of the organizational goal, which is the Vastu of their office.

Many studios have evolved with the advancement of science and technology, but the feeling and implementation of Vastu Shastra in your office will never let you down. Before buying an office space or building, you should not ignore the aspect of Vastu business advice and Vastu office advice, as this is where you will earn and spend most of your productive time. The best Vastu direction for your home office depends on the job you do.

Vastu Tips for Office
Vastu Tips for office and workplace

If your job is accounting, finance, insurance, consulting, fund management, banking, CA, etc., North is an ideal home office destination. To be precise, if you are related to money, it is best that all home offices are suitable, for example, from Vastu to the north. If your company needs a factory office, make sure it faces east or north, and when you negotiate work, the person concerned should always look east or north.

Try to place the reception desk in the east or northeast corner of the lot (like a Vastu office). In the check-in area, the company logo should be placed on the south wall, and according to Vastu’s advice for the office, the check-in counter should face the front door, but diagonally. Flowers can be left at the reception for positives. According to the Vastu office guidelines, it is a suitable location to build stairs in south or southwest facing offices.

There should be no stairs in the center of the office, as this could lead to a drain on funds. According to experts from Vastu, elevators in the office should be installed in a north or east direction, and north-east and south-west directions should be avoided at all costs. Do not install an elevator directly in front of the main entrance, as this will bring positive energy out of the room. You can put a mirror or Coober Yantra in the north direction or on the north wall of the office to ensure good financial health.

Likewise, make sure you face west if the kitchen is on the northwest side. It’s also important to make sure you face east if your kitchen faces south. Be sure to avoid the northeast corner to accommodate any bedroom (master bedroom, nursery, or even the guestroom). The reason is that the north and east sections of the room must be left open (unobstructed) so that constant useful light from these directions can penetrate the rest of the office.

Office windows for ventilation should face east and north. Ideal positions for building these cottages are west, south, and southwest. The waiting room in the offices should be built in a northwest or northeast direction. Business leaders should take a booth on the west side of the office. According to commercial Vastu, the front door of an office or apartment building should face north or east. While the home office’s main door is important, the most important is the ideal location of the home’s main door, according to Vastu.

The southeast part of the home office is the element of fire and is the best place to store a computer, light, or lamp. Many people do not pay attention to this part of the office, but according to Vastu Shastra, the bathroom should not face southeast, northeast, or east.

According to Vastu, the west or northwest direction is the best place to build toilets in offices. The entrance to the workplace should face north, north-east, or north-west since these orientations are associated with optimism and auspiciousness in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that the abode of the god of wealth is located in the north direction, therefore, the location of cashiers sitting in a store or office should be done only in the north direction. According to Vastu’s advice for the office, the pantry should be located in a southeast direction; as you know, the ideal direction.

Whether it is a Vastu house facing east, north, south, or west, the correct positioning of the front door is the most important factor. If this entrance is on the auspicious pada, then the Vastu office, facing south or west, brings prosperity. However, according to some myths about the Vastu office, the main entrance to the office should face north or east.

According to Vast, all gates facing north or east do not fit – no need to worry if the office is entered from a west or south direction. Here, some entrepreneurs may ask a question, what about the west side, for all west facing houses it may not be possible to position the east door, but the main west entrance to the office building is also a subsidiary one, and in addition, there are some unique balancing methods and the advice that Vastu Pandit recommends and the advice of Vastu.

Good office space in Vastu can provide prosperity and abundance for work. We need a large office that is ideal for creating an optimistic professional work culture for both management and employees, in order to make the most of office space for success and profit.

Vastu office advice will help you choose the best Vastu directions, layout, location of premises, design principles, and some preparatory work. Since a home office is a place that can form the foundation of your financial growth, it is important to design it wisely according to Vastu. Well, according to Vastu Shastra, proper home office placement in the home, furniture, lighting, and colors can ensure that it becomes an efficient space in which to focus and produce quality work.

The best indications for office seating are determined if you want to adhere to the Vastu shastra and have the maximum impact on the work environment. According to Vastu, the manager, director, and executives of the office should sit in the southwest, south, or west of the office.

Vastu’s office management suggests that the chief’s cabin should be in the southwest or west, with senior officers facing east or north. Vastu also says the front desk should be located diagonally from the front door of the office. The southern direction of the Vastu office means that the windows should be made in the northern or eastern part.

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