What are the astrological chances of me becoming a civil servant?

Success in Civil Service Exams Using Astrological Combinations (IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, etc.)

A civil servant is someone who works for a government department or agency in the public sector. Hundreds of thousands of people study for the civil service test every year, with just a few thousand positions available. Many of them work in administration and are directly accountable for the people and the county’s well-being. Honesty, accountability, responsibility, impartiality, and devotion are attributes they demonstrate. As a result of this, government workers are among the most well-respected members of society.

Now the issue is if it is feasible to anticipate whether someone can become a Civil Servant by looking at their chart, or whether we need to compare the birth charts of thousands of individuals who take this test. Because the combination for becoming a public servant is relatively unusual, we can properly predict whether a person can become a civil servant only by glancing at their birth chart. We don’t need to compare it to other people’s birth records.

Analyze the steps

1. Planetary Time Period

Exam and interview time periods suggest whether you will excel or underperform. Even if you outperform, a challenging planetary time period will prevent you from passing the test, and the interviewer will reject you. The planetary time period for tests and interviews is critical since it has the last say in your selection. In this instance, the Sun/Moon must be involved. If you’re traveling through Jupiter/Rahu/time Saturn’s period, for example, Sun/Moon should be in conjunction with or aspected either of them, otherwise, you won’t be able to make it.

If the Sun is supporting in your chart but the Moon is opposing, the conjunction or aspect of the Sun will function and the Moon will be ignored. Because the Moon isn’t in your favor, it won’t help you acquire a government job, but it won’t cause any difficulty either. So there’s no need to be concerned about an ill-placed planet’s aspect. If you have an ill-placed planet, it will only have an effect if you run through a problematic planet’s time period.

2. Planetary placement of most of the planets

Three planets in the birth chart should be beneficial to one’s job at the very least. Even though your Sun and Moon are in excellent positions in your horoscope, this does not ensure that you will become a government servant. The next step is to determine how many planets support your chosen profession. While the total combination is 2, 6, 10 & 11, only 10 & 11 in the majority or repeated a number of times on the same planet qualifies a person for civil service.

The minimal need is three planets, however, it is common for government officials to have approximately five planets representing such combinations. This is due to the fact that a transit requires three planets, and you are now running across three planets’ time periods (main, sub & sub-sub time periods). The chances of the three planets in your favor meeting the transit circumstances every time you present for tests or interviews are little to none.

3. Sun & Moon Support

The government is represented by Sun & Moon. A civil servant works for a government department or agency, and in order to secure a position in the government, at least one of their qualifications should be in the field of employment. This requirement is relevant not just to become a civil servant, but also to any government position. There is no need for further investigation if this criterion is not met. Other planets will then direct your career, and any opportunities for a government post will be blocked by you.

I’ve previously mentioned in Career Astrology that a planet is favorable for a career when it represents houses 2, 6, 10, and 11, but not any of the combinations of 6, 8, and 12. If a planet represents both of them, the 6th house will work against you, and only the 10th and 11th houses may assist. Ten and eleven should outnumber six, eight, and twelve, and two will only assist a little.

The combination of houses

The majority of planets, as well as the Sun or Moon, should represent this mix of houses, depending on whatever time period you are in. Only if you are traveling through the Sun’s time period or the time period of planets obtaining aspects from the Sun, and those planets and the Sun signal a favorable combination for your profession, will you be successful.

  • IAS – 6 10 11
  • IPS – 6 10 11 + Time Period of Mars
  • IRS – 2 10 11
  • IFS – 6 10 11 + Travel
  • IIS – 3 6 10 11

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