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To put it simply, the astrological sign is the zodiac sign that is most unique to you. Spiritual Powerr is considered to be one of the most valued-after experts in handwriting and signature analyst in Mumbai.The features of this sign are also replicated in your birth chart. You add the modality and feature of your planets to find it. It’s the most common modality and feature in your birth map. You weigh the elements and patterns of the sign where the planet is located in your table. You start with your Sun, go on with your Moon, and so on. Here, too, the ascendant and the different neural must be regarded.This symbol is not exactly the same as the symbol of the Sun or the rising sign. People don’t even have planets in their signature sign sometimes! However, chances are that you will identify very well with the qualities of this zodiac sign. If this is completely new to you, it could sound confusing. But in a second, you’re going to see what the signature sign is all about in astrology. There is an example calculation below to help you understand this definition better.