Is astrology true? Should we believe in it or not?

Is astrology true? Should we believe in it or not?

Is Astrology True?

Astrology is riddled with misunderstandings. Let me go into depth about it now. The most common misunderstanding about astrology is that it is a science that allows people to foretell the future. It is, however, not the case. Astrology is a science that helps us comprehend how our former lives’ karmas are reflected in this life.

If you look at it from this life’s perspective, you may call it the future, but if you go a little farther, you’ll see that it can only tell you about the events that will happen in this life based on your previous life karmas and nothing else. If you use your whole present life as a sample, astrology can only predict roughly 10% of occurrences. Your karmas in this life will determine the rest.

Nobody can predict the future since it is determined by the karmas you accrue today as a result of your free choice. If you have a lot of money today, for example, you may spend it on pleasures or on the well-being of others. You have complete freedom over which path you take. And each path will produce its own set of karmas, as well as future repercussions. As a result, you will be the one to make decisions about your own destiny.

Let us now turn our attention to the astrological portion of the discussion. Astrology is more than just a way of forecasting what will happen in one’s life in the future. Astronomy has a bigger role in it. As we all know, other planets have their unique gravitational pulls, which have an impact on certain occurrences on Earth.

On a full moon night, for instance, the sea will always have a tide. Also, keep in mind that the earth is inextricably linked to the rest of the solar system.

This planetary system experiences events that have an impact on life on Earth. Some plants, for example, may only be utilized as medicine if they are harvested at a precise astrological alignment. One plant, for example, may only be used on a certain day and during a specific planetary transit. It’ll be useless otherwise.

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Similarly, depending on the aim of the ritual, many rituals may only be conducted at a specified hour on a specific day. So, an astrologer is someone who can pinpoint a precise period and utilize it to accomplish a goal. This is why Ayurveda includes astrology.

Let’s talk about the astrological element of the future forecast now. Can we predict events with astrology before they happen? Yes, but only to a certain degree, is the simple response. We may learn about events that are destined to occur as a result of our former life karmas, although these events make up less than 10% of our overall life occurrences, as I previously said.

Also keep in mind that even if you can locate a genuine astrologer, which is by far the most difficult aspect of the game, you will only be able to learn about these occurrences, not influence them. Assume that someone committed a robbery in a previous life and that he will be robbed on a certain day in this incarnation as a result.

You won’t be able to avoid being robbed even if an astrologer predicts the precise day and hour. It is certain to occur.

Our intelligence goes for a toss when we say Sanatan shastri ji/ The passage of time robs you of your ability to predict when events will occur.

The issue, as you can see, is not with astrology, but with astrologers. To begin with, the vast majority of these so-called astrologers have no knowledge of astrology. The majority of them enroll in six-month astrology online courses and open astrology stores. To make a forecast in astrology, you’ll need at least 25–30 years of consistent study.

In addition, when it comes to predictions, astrology is an intuitive science. This is because there are a few combinations of planets in a horoscope that imply one thing, but there are others in the same horoscope that suggest the exact opposite thing.

And there is always this overlapping. As a result, the astrologer is the one who makes the decision. This is why, before making a forecast, every dedicated astrologer worships his or her god for years before praying to that deity to help him identify the appropriate events.

If you can find a skilled astrologer, you will be able to learn about events that are now taking place in your life. However, no one in the world has the power to alter the course of events. All of the astrological cure nonsense is a ruse to mislead you.

These days, astrologers warn people about impending disasters and how to avert them by doing a certain pooja or wearing a specific stone. Understand that karma governs everything in this world.

It’s impossible to entice God with bananas and milk. He is the judge, and he is one who is fair and unbiased. You can’t get away from your karmas no matter what. In the guise of cures, all of these so-called pundits and astrologers deceive people.

When a pandit or an astrologer tries to sell you a cure, do your own basic experiment. As we all know, things happen as a result of certain planetary alignments at the moment of our birth, as well as specific planetary transitions at other points in our life. Because of our former life karmas, we are born at a certain moment under a specific constellation.

Now, if the astrologer predicts that you will be harmed as a result of this or that shift, it is safe to assume that planets are moving in certain ways. Now, if he claims he has a treatment for it, such as doing a certain pooja, he is very probably implying that by performing that pooja, he may alter the path of certain planets.

Simply request that he do any pooja, havan, or another ritual that he desires and that he move any of your home’s walls. He’ll be upset if you do this. Clearly, he is incapable of moving a single inch of any wall. However, keep in mind that he’s talking about shifting planets that weigh billions of tonnes, not a few tonnes. Simply said, this is hypocrisy at its finest.

This element of astrology, in my view, is pointless. Even if it is real. As you can see, anything that needs to happen will. It is immutable. Patience is a virtue, and life will reveal events in its own time. You will not be able to escape them in any circumstance. Why spend time, energy, and money worrying about things over which you have no control?

As I have said, astrology as a science is a lovely thing with many ramifications. If you devote a few years of your life to it, you may learn a wealth of information about our planet.

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