IPO allotment

Increase Your IPO Allotment Chances With Astrological Advice

IPO Allotment

Retail stock market participation is at an all-time high. While this is wonderful news for companies registering for initial public offerings, it is equally bad news for those who are losing out on IPO allocation due to the high participation and subscription rate. Have you been there? For those who don’t know, retail IPO allocation is done by a lottery mechanism. So it doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account; you won’t get assigned IPO shares until you run out of luck.

This is where astrology comes in. There isn’t any astrological advice for getting an IPO allotment quickly, but there are astrological suggestions for improving your chances, which may ultimately lead to IPO benefits.

What is an initial public offering (IPO)?


First and foremost, what is an initial public offering (IPO)? A public offering in which shares of a firm are offered to institutional and retail investors is known as an IPO. In basic terms, an IPO is when a corporation chooses to sell part of its shares to the general public. An IPO may be applied for by anybody, and most individuals do so for the short-term advantages it provides.

In the last several months, IPOs have provided individual investors with an initial return of 70-200 percent on an Rs. 15,000 investment (most of the time). Isn’t it enough to entice you? However, you must be really fortunate to get an IPO allocation firsthand, since only then will you be able to enjoy such riches.

How can astrology help you increase your chances of getting an IPO?

Astrology may boost your chances of receiving an IPO allocation indirectly, rather than directly. As previously said, share distribution through IPO in the stock market is based on a lottery approach, and all that is necessary to win a lottery is luck.
In astrology, the 9th house is the house of luck.

It determines the native’s ability to attract good fortune with little effort. The ninth house, also known as the Dharma Bhava or Pitru Bhava, represents one’s good karma, ethics, and values. Jupiter rules the 9th house in astrology, and Jupiter is regarded as one of the most favorable planets in astrology. So, first and foremost, if you haven’t lately received IPO allotments, you must find ways to placate and improve the 9th house.

You could also see an astrologer determine if the 9th house in your Kundli is weak or strong. If your luck house is poor, you may improve your luck by using the astrological advice listed below. If, on the other hand, your ninth house is strong and you are still not receiving IPO allotments, it is likely that another planet is interfering with the luck emanating from the ninth house. In such a circumstance, you must first determine what planet it is, and then devise cures to appease it.

Astrological advice to boost your chances of getting an IPO allotment

Take note that these astrological ideas will assist you in increasing your luck. And when you have luck on your side, you have a better chance of getting the IPO allocation. So there’s no more pondering. Why am I not receiving an IPO allotment? Simply follow these guidelines:
Choose an appropriate day to apply for the IPO: Some individuals say that Thursday is not the greatest day to begin anything new, while others believe that Saturday is. To be honest, everything is determined by your Kundli. Consult an astrologer to determine your good or unfortunate day, and then subscribe to the IPO appropriately.

Gemstones are a great way to attract good fortune. So you may increase your luck by purchasing a fortunate gemstone for 2022. Always seek the advice of an astrologer before wearing a gemstone. If you possess a gemstone but are still having difficulty obtaining IPO allotments, you should consider if the gemstone is suitable for you and whether it is charged or not.

Rudraksha is Lord Shiva’s symbol. There are several varieties of Rudraksha available on the market. Ask an astrologer which one is appropriate for you and wear it to increase your luck.

Another method that might improve your chances of getting an IPO allocation is to keep a key with yourself. There are key bracelets and pendants on the market that you may wear as well.

One of the sources of fortune is the money you make. Our astrologers advise that anytime you acquire a large sum of money or get a salary, you should not touch (spend) it for at least a day. This not only improves your luck but also protects you from making unnecessary purchases.

Jupiter should be strengthened for IPO allotment luck.

Because Jupiter rules the house of luck, strengthening Jupiter might help you improve your chances of getting an IPO allocation. So, to enhance Jupiter in Kundli, use the following astrological remedies:

The easiest way to increase Jupiter – and consequently luck – in Kundli is to begin wearing yellow on a daily basis.

You may also apply turmeric and sandalwood paste on your forehead on a regular basis, or wear gold jewelry.

While applying for the IPO, worship Lord Vishnu and perform the Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Jupiter’s lucky gemstone is topaz. Wear it on your index finger only after speaking with an astrologer.

On Thursday, feed jaggery to the cows. This increases your chances of receiving the IPO allotment.

Donate turmeric to a temple near you for eight days in a row.

Following these basic astrological techniques will help you improve your luck and increase your chances of receiving IPO allotments. Aside from these astrological guidelines, you must also ensure that all technical components, such as documentation, bank and PAN linkage, and so on, are in place.

What are your favorite insider suggestions for IPO allocation? Please notify us.

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