Here's Everything You Should Know About Career Astrology

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Career Astrology

Career Astrology

Our careers and professions are vital aspects of our life. A good and well-balanced profession and working life assist us to have a holistic existence by stabilizing our lives, bringing happiness, and a feeling of accomplishment. After all, who doesn’t want to be successful in life and make a decent living? However, picking the correct job for you is critical. To begin with, there are several possibilities, but none of them guarantee success – particularly in today’s society.

There is another side to this abundance problem: there is so much competition that getting into a profession you want isn’t always simple or doable. Overall, it’s difficult to find the ideal profession for a happy job today. You may pinpoint your life’s work path with astrology. Well, since Indian metaphysics always has solutions to any query, your work is also led here according to your horoscope in order to stay on track at all times, as money is our first concern these days, without which we cannot receive food or other necessities.

When you use Astrology to help you discover an appropriate career/profession, it will not only help you succeed financially but will also help you feel satisfied and progress in all parts of your life. Furthermore, you may uncover and harness your secret potential if you follow the advice you get from an Astrology reading to enhance your Horoscope and fortunate planets. Your Horoscope and the Planets: Each planet has features, characteristics, properties, and areas that are examined and analyzed in Astrology.

Venus, for example, is associated with the creative and performing arts, but Jupiter is associated with higher education, charity, and education, among other things. The position of these planets in your Personal Horoscope determines whether they are good, harmful, or neutral to you and your life. An Astrologer can direct you to the greatest and most profitable sectors of job and profession by studying these planets and their positions in your horoscope.

While a powerful planet might bestow attributes that are ideal for a certain profession or vocation, the negative impacts of a malefic planet can prevent you from reaping the benefits of a favorable era in your horoscope. As a result, knowing ahead of time is beneficial! In addition, the transits of planets, Mahadasha (Main Period), and Antardasha (Sub-period) all play a part in determining the best time for any certain event in your life.

These may be figured out by looking at your horoscope. Your innate abilities: You’ll agree that every one of us is born with a set of natural preferences and hobbies, which are often our strong suits or areas of expertise. Your Personal Horoscope is the blueprint for your life, and it may be drawn and interpreted in a variety of ways by a Vedic Astrology professional. This guide may pinpoint areas where you may be naturally strong based on the location and strength of planets in your chart/ horoscope using this art.

These are the areas in which you will be at your most natural, performing at your best and receiving gratification in return. The SWOT: An skilled astrologer can identify and point out your hidden talents, as well as your natural strengths and weaknesses, by looking at your horoscope, and can then coach you appropriately to help you maximize your skills. Why attempt to make a profession out of something you’re not very good at? However, if you are really interested in such a field, you may still find a method to earn a living there with the help of Astrology.

Astrology may also disclose the specific profession or field in which you are most likely to succeed. Strong and favorable planets in your horoscope may provide insight into what the most suited profession/career would be for you to live a happy and contented life, whether in employment or company.

Combinations of Jobs Business / Service 2-10-11-6/7 2-Wealth accumulation; 10-Career, Name, and Notoriety; 11-Promotion and financial gain; 6- Customer Service and Working Conditions 7- Business, Partner, Trade, and Commerce; 5- 12th from 6th, inhibits natives from acquiring jobs & gains of opposition(Alone excellent); 8-Difficulties, misfortunes, and insults; 12- Losses / second opponent; Government (Sun/Moon), Uniform (Mars), Corporate (Jupiter/ Venus/ Mercury), Small Establishments (Rahu/Ketu/ Saturn).

Promotion 2-6-10-11 Written Exams 6-11, 4-11, 5-11, 10-11, 4-9-11, 4-9-11, 4-9-11, 4-9-11, 4-9-11, 4-9-11 Any possible combinations Interview & Group Discussion 3-6-11, 3-11, or 3-10-11 are all possible combinations. Suspension 5-8-12 Re-establishment 2-6-10-11 Instatement after penalty if 5-8-12 & 2-6-10-11 Termination 5-8-12 After suspension, a DBA of 5-8-12 was recorded.

A Career Change 5-9 From the 5th through the 12th grade, students will leave their current jobs and working environments. 9- being the 12th from the 10th, denotes abandoning one’s current status and position. Change may be beneficial or detrimental. If 5/6-8-12 is indicated, 2-10-11-6/7 is bad. Transfer 3-9-12 If a person has a DBA of separative planets, he or she will leave their home for a remote location. If the DBA of benefits is shifted to a developing nation or area, Return to the original location on 2-4-11. Cancel the order transfer 2-4-11 As well as 3-9-12 5-8-12 Conspiracy Against the locals.

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