Diwali Shubh Muhurat 2021: Lakshmi Puja Muhurat Timing, Choghadiya, Puja Vidhi

The Indian calendar is marked with one or the other festivity. Be it any month, and you will always find atleast a couple of holidays or festivals drawn to the celebration. So, there is no end to celebration in India. And, now, the most recent festivity to come up is the Lakshmi Puja and Diwali. It is essential to conduct Lakshmi Puja. This would indicate your gratitude and humbles ness in welcoming the Goddess Lakshmi, who would keep your abode and a life filled with adequate finances and resources. And Diwali is one of the most popularly celebrated festivals in India. It is a 5-days long festival that begins with dhanteras and ends with bhai dooj. It is a phase full of lights and joy and spreading good wishes.

So, the most recent festival to come is the puja of Goddess Lakshmi, and we know that there is always the appropriate timing for the puja. It is denoted by the placement of the stars, the planets and other celestial bodies. And, the puja must be performed only during that stipulated time. Therefore, like any other year, 2021 also has a specific duration of time and a specified date for Lakshmi Puja. Let us know the subh muhrat for this year, along with the other necessary information for both Lakshmi Puja and Diwali.

Lakshmi Puja Muhrat Timings 2021

There exists the term called ‘shubh muhrat’. It means the auspicious moment and indicates the best and most prosperous duration to conduct anything- a puja, a havan, a marriage, or the like. Similarly, Lakshmi Puja also has to be done during a specific time, which the most auspicious and prosperous is timing. The subh muhrat for different cities differ from one another for substantial reasons. The date for Lakshmi puja 2021 is on 4th November. The Amavasya tithi initiates at 6.03 am on 4th November 2021, and it ends at 2.44 am on 5th November 2021. Therefore, this was the shubh muhurta for conducting the puja rituals of Lakshmi Puja for the year 2021. Performing the puja at the right time brings home all the blessings and abundance from Goddess Lakshmi. Your house fills with joy, and you face no financial tensions when you receive the divine blessings from her.

Diwali Choghadiya 2021

Choghadiya Panchang is the calendar that was devised during the ancient Vedic era. Thus, it is the calendar based the Vedic Hindu events, rituals and the like. It shows you all the aspects related to Vedic Hinduism, such as Nakshatra, Dina, Karana, Yoga and the like. The calendar automatically adjusts to any city of the world. And, the adjustment is based on the sunrise and sunset of the city to which you want to refer through the calendar.

Lakshmi puja is the main event in the 5-day long festival. It is the most opportune and pious celebration that celebrates the mighty power of Goddess Lakshmi and bows down to it her in the hope and wishes to keep everyone happy and thriving in every aspect of their lives. The chag odiya kal muhrat for Lakshmi puja in the year 2021 is as follows. For the morning muhrat, the timing is 6.03 am to 7.07 am, and 9.56 am to 2.09 pm. Afternoon muhrat is from 3.33 pm to 4.57 pm. The evening muhrat is from 4.57 pm to 8.09 pm. And, the night muhrat is 11.20 pm of 4th November 2021 to 12.56 am of 5th November 2021.

Puja Vidhi 2021

The vidhi starts with taking a vow, which is popularly called Sankalp, for the puja. Then, you will have to worship Lord Kuber, along with worshipping Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. Keep chanting the holy chanting of “Om Shri Shri Namah” 11 times or for a rosary. You will have to put one coconut at the place of worship. Or, you can also keep 11 Kamalgatte in its place. Then, worship the Shree Yantra and place it in a way that it faces the north direction. There has to be the recitation of Goddess Suktam done on this day.

Pomegranate, singhara and quince and are given as offerings to Goddess Lakshmi. You can also add sugarcane and keep Sitaphal during the time of worship. It is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi is fond of water chestnuts more than anything else. There are desictictuve items that you need to include in the hog for Lakshmi Puja. They have kheer, kesarbhaat and halwa.

With this, we come to the end of the dos of Lakshmi puja for this year. Following all the appropriate guidelines, we wish you inaugurate all the happiness and joy in your life waiting for you. And, this Diwali brings loads of blessings and good wishes, and Goddess Lakshmi blesses all of us whole-heatedly and guides us through all the paths of all our lives.

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