Colors Vastu- What each color reflects

As colors are everywhere, they need to have some sense.

What I mean is that each and every color should mean something, and that’s exactly what the article discusses in this section.


Red is a hue that’s bold. It is a reflection of desire, love, materialism, basic energies, courage, strength, drama, feelings, movement, passion, violence, warmth, electricity, vibrancy.

The character is active and calming (that’s why in some restaurants you can see more red as it triggers hunger).

In areas that require warmth and electricity, you should use the red paint.

Start adding red paint shades in the living room mix (not too much) and see how vibrant the room gets.

People with depression or who are stressed should avoid the colour of red because it can be very stressful.


This colour reflects the sky and water.

Beauty, tranquility, contentment, emotions, motivation, commitment, honesty and mercy are all signified by blue

It’s a colour that improves regeneration and lowers discomfor
In areas that are large, blue colors can be used.

For small rooms, avoid using blue.

Often make sure that you use lighter colors of blue when painting the home’s walls.

In the office, store or warehouse, strive to discourage more blue shades.

As it can lead to cough, cold, and related medical conditions, stop getting too much blue in the house.


The qualities expressed by green colour are development, nature, relaxation, healing, vitality, wealth, success, positive energy, rebirth, re-creation etc.

That’s why you’ll see more of the green hue in hospitals as it reflects regeneration.

Another big green color quality is that it helps to quiet down the temper and helps to soothe the mood.

Therefore, persons or partners with temperament disorders should use one of the green hue.


Purity, cleanliness, transparency, innocence, simplicity and comfort are signified by white paint.

As it also demonstrates privacy and privacy, the entire house should not be painted white, or you will become egocentric.

You have to make sure that the whole ceiling of the house is white.

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