Chakra Reading

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Spiritual Powerr the best Chakra Reading in Mumbai, The seven chakras originated in ancient yogic traditions, and the word ‘chakra’ is Sanskrit for ‘spinning wheel’. You can imagine the chakras as energy centres in your body, located as per the diagrams (above and below). They also correspond to colours, and the energy frequencies described below.

When chakras are aligned and in perfect flow we operate in harmony with the universal energy, which makes life so much easier! Our health is in good order, and we have a nicely humming equilibrium of spirit, body, mind and soul.
The chakras help build our understanding of their meaning and purpose. We can create extraordinary shifts, and true revolutions in our spiritual – and physical – journey. Yoga practice enhances and opens up the chakras, allowing us to work through emotional and mental blocks on a physical level, while meditation can effectively transform us, bringing about positive change through breath, focus and inner work.