Career Issue Astrology

Well beyond calculation of financial stability and comfort in life, the value of professions is confined to preserving one’s social status, a retirement scheme, and the fulfillment of many other responsibilities, both domestic and personal.

However, career itself is not an example of a smooth journey, provided the challenges, difficulties, and often disruptive forces become a force in placing a deadlock, creating hurdles to the road to progress in your chosen occupation or dream work.

Many raging career-related problems, such as work uncertainty, job dissatisfaction, short-term jobs, poor growth, long-term unemployment, and the failure to pursue a new job amid the need for talent, are factors that cause an episode of depressed mood swings and different forms of emotional outbursts such as anger, dissatisfaction, dark-future feelings, and aspi workplace negativity.

Such problems are rampant not only in the lives of unemployed individuals, but also in the lives of workers who have to suffer various kinds of career-related shocks that inflict mental and physical harm to their lives.

How do we evaluate careers by astrology?

The tenth house, the sixth house, or the fifth house, indicates a job. The ruler of the tenth house is well positioned and untouched by any evil. This role gives an individual a very responsible position, such as being the director of the organization or the boss or CEO of the company. If the ruler of the tenth house is inspired by a beneficent planet like Jupiter, the guy gets a handsome paycheck.

Jupiter’s position plays an important role in his career. If Jupiter has a favorable influence on the ninth house, the individual will be properly employed at an early age. If career-oriented is to pursue a shift of assignment, Saturn’s transit plays a significant role. Saturn moving through the third, sixth or eleventh house will lead to a shift in career alias work.

If Saturn is put in each of these houses in the birth chart, it suggests a regular change in assignment. Saturn afflicting the Sun or Moon refers to a transition of assignment. There is a certain astrological location of the earth that means ruining a career for whatever cause.

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