Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra :

Ashwini means born from a mare or female horseman. Sanjana and Surya are the parents of Ashwini Kumar, a horse known as Vivasvat.

Additionally, Ashwini is the star of transportation. The chariot of the sun god, being drawn by seven horses or the seven colors of the rainbow, is related to energy or power or horses, also known as ash-shakti. Thus Ashwini Nakshatra is related to speed and agility.

The twins Ashwini Kumar Nasatya and Dasara, symbolize Ashwini Nakshatra. This Ashwini Kumar is a three-seated golden chariot rider with gold armor. In the Vedas, he is portrayed as riding this golden chariot and following Usha (the first ray of light) in the morning.

The Ashwini Kumar twins are seen as a sign of change and the dividing line between darkness and light. Which means to follow Usha (the first ray of light) from darkness to light or to come from darkness to light. As a result, Ashwini Nakshatra is linked to dualism.

Every star in the night sky is a burning sun that looks like ours. Alpha Arietis and Beta Arietis are the names of the two constellations that make up the Ashwini constellation. The heavenly twin doctor Ashwini Kumar in fact is the ruling deity of Ashwini Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. People born in the Ashwini Nakshatra have a strong desire to work in medicine. They have a natural capacity to heal others, as well as a healing energy that may be amplified by prayer. 

Ashwini is the youthful form of the Kumar and they give an attractive and innocent look to the people born in this nakshatra.  The head of a horse, which represents power, dignity, and intensity, is the emblem for this constellation. As the first nakshatra in the constellation cycle, Ashwini is associated with the beginning energy. Those born under this nakshatra are known for their pioneering ideas and initiative. They shouldn’t begin things that they won’t be able to finish. Because Ashwini is the most vivid of all the constellations, people born under this sign are blunt and straightforward.

They might be trustworthy and independent, much like an invincible horse, but they despise being advised. Ashwini Nakshatra people are self-assured and want to stand out among their peers. It’s a self-created constellation brimming with knowledge and authenticity.

In Vedic Astrology, the Ashwini Nakshatra has the following characteristics:

.The individual who has Ashwini dominance wants to get things done quickly.

.They are fantastic at avoiding any type of danger, whether physical or emotional.

.An Ashwini man’s puberty or menstrual cycle will begin early in life, and he will become sexually conscious at a young age.

.A person born in the Ashwini Nakshatra may nap anywhere; whether on an unpleasant aircraft, train, or bus travel or in the privacy of their own bedroom, they utilize sleep to gather vitality rather than pleasure.

.Their major goal is to get up as early as possible in order to begin running in the race of their lives.

.Because horses lack collarbones, an Ashwini’s collarbone may be weak.

.Because the most distinguishing characteristics of a horse are muscularity and stamina, which are well-known over the world, it is obvious that the one with Ashwini dominance has stronger muscle tendons and can work much more and quicker than others. has the ability.

.One term that springs to mind is “horsepower” which refers to the engine power of an automobile.

.The horse is a strong animal, capable of striking a man with a single kick from its hind legs.

.When comparing a horse’s physique to that of a human, the horse’s rear legs are similar to actual legs, while the front two legs may be regarded as arms.

.The Ashwini legs and thighs will be powerful, allowing him to sprint quickly in the game.

.The story of Ashwini is about horses with powerful muscles and legs that can run swiftly. Building muscle and having the stamina to lift large weights are the two most important aspects of bodybuilding.

.Horsepower translates to a passion for fast-moving vehicles like race cars, rockets, fighter planes, and bullet trains.

.This mode of transportation may appeal to an Ashwini, and it is occasionally pursued as a pastime.

.What is another important feature of a horse? His features, particularly his enormous nose, large eyes, and long neck.

.Examine the face of someone in your Kundali who is under the intense impact of Ashwini Nakshatra, such as a group of planets in Ashwini Nakshatra.

.The face of a person is observed from the second house astrologically, yet it is just half of the narrative.

Ashwini Nakshatra’s Sun Ingress (April 14–April 27):

On the 14th of April, the Sun enters Ashwini Nakshatra and remains there until the 27th of April. Your Sun is in Ashwini Nakshatra if you were born during this time.

When the Sun was in the Ashwini Nakshatra, Lord Shri Ram, Lord Vishnu’s seventh avatar, was born. Ketu owns the Ashwini constellation, which represents enlightenment. The Moon was in Pushya Nakshatra at the time. In Shri Ram’s horoscope, the Sun is exalted, while the Moon is in its own zodiac. In the afternoon, Lord Shri Ram was born. He was born in the Karak Lagna, according to this. Pushya Nakshatra’s god is Jupiter. It denotes “knowledge.”

Assume you’re familiar with the Brihaspati narrative from the Vedas. You may recall that Lord Rama had to be separated from his wife for a period of time. Lord Hanuman was also born during this time. We all know that Lord Rama and Hanuman have a tight relationship. The Moon was in Swati Nakshatra when Lord Hanuman was born. Vayu Dhevath is the god of Swati Nakshatra. As a result, Lord Hanuman is known as Vayuputra or Vayu’s son.

Ashwini Nakshatra Remedies:

Since Surya is golden in color and Ashwin Kumar is the son of Surya, it makes a lot of sense with this relationship.

For Ashwini people, the best remedy is to offer water to the rising sun, as well as to wear 22k (or 23kt or 24kt) gold, which has a real golden color.

Depending on the degree, the nakshatra opposite Ashwini is either Chitra or Swati. Why is this the case? Sanjana, the Ashwini’s mother is the daughter of Vishwakarma, the heavenly builder, and Swati is about the rapid-moving wind, which is closely tied to Ashwini’s quick and dynamic theme.

Playing board games, taking photographs, traveling, and reading a book are some of the greatest Ashwini remedies.

Any individual in their life who is born under the Chitra or Swati Nakshatra, according to on the native’s degree, would be of tremendous assistance to them.

Another option is to grow healing herb trees or plants in your garden or backyard.

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